Conversation Exchanges in Dublin

Language exchange in websites

If you wish to practice English with native speakers at home, there are some options available to contact people:

Language Exchange in libraries

Exchange language conversations are very popular in libraries. Besides practicing English with native speakers, you will get to know about culture, politics, and the country’s economics. Look for the nearest library.

Language exchange in Meetups

Meetups are really popular too. They are set up encounters to do group activities, in this case, exchange language activities with Dublin locals.

Look for “Dublin” in and you will see the program. We recommend you the group New and Not So New In Dublin; it is one of the most active groups (there are daily activities), with a lot of participants that will end up becoming your friends for sure.

Meetups are usually free, depending on where the activities will take place. In Dublin, meetups usually take place in pubs. To sum up, a great way to make friends at the city!

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