Pubs, music and beer in Dublin

If you are looking for an area to go out at night, listen to music (or not), drink all the beer you want and visit Dublin’s most emblematic pubs, then you are looking for Temple Bar, which name comes from the pub Temple Bar.

The most popular pubs are:

Live music (rock, jazz, traditional Irish music…) can be found in every Irish pub. These are some of the most popular songs:

The trademark of Ireland is its beer. The most popular one is Guinness. You will always see people holding a pint in their hands while talking about philosophy, politics, economy, and who-knows-what after a couple of beers…

Besides traditional pubs, if you are looking for a more club-like atmosphere, then you will enjoy Diceys (2€ the pint on Tuesdays! If you go before 7pm you will not have to pay the 5€ entrance fee).

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