Shopping in Dublin

Where to buy…?

Shopping centers:

Opening hours

Generally, opening times go from 9 or 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, and from 12 to 6pm on Sunday (Yes! Shops open on Sundays).

Each store will have its particular opening time. For example, banks open from 10 to 4pm, supermarkets open from 9 to 10pm (some SPARs open until midnight), and drugstores open from 9 to 7pm.

Tipping in restaurants

10% is the average tip. Even if you pay with credit card, they will expect you to indicate the final amount with tip included (+10%). Waiters will not ask for it, you have to offer it. This is basically a courtesy.

TAXFREE for non-EU citizens

Citizens who do not hold a EU Passport are able to get a tax refund for products bought on the last 3 months.

You can ask for a TAX FREE card at any store (it is free). You have to give this card to the salesman for him to write down your purchases. When you leave the country, you can go to the TAX FREE office at the airport in Dublin to get reimbursed a percentage of the taxes you paid.

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