Taxis in Dublin

Dublin is one of the cities with more taxies. To get an idea, Dublin has the same amount of taxis as New York: around 13 000. The difference is that New York has a population of 19 million and Dublin has 1.5 million.

During the day, in Dublin, perhaps you will not notice all the taxis that are on the streets, but during the night, taxis making queues do not go unnoticed at all.

Taxis of Dublin

Not long ago, many people complained about the lack of taxis in the city. Licenses for driving taxis were expensive and people could not afford them. Later on, the prices of the licenses went down and the number of licenses increased. Conclusion: streets were invaded by taxis.

Taxi fares from the airport to the city centre can cost around 20€ and 30€. An average ride around the centre of Dublin can cost 5€ - 8€ approximately.

You can recognize a taxi by the yellow sign on its roof. It says TAXI or TACSI.

See the list of taxi companies in Dublin.

Iphone and Android app: Hailo or Xpert Taxis Dublin.

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